Early Spring Macro

Spring started early in California because of the strange and alarming drought. That means for me 1) conserving water; 2) being less cold at night; 3) macro shooting!

Beautiful macro shots are relatively easy to find because nature on that scale is effortlessly beautiful. However, there are only so many straight-on pictures of flowers I can take before they all start looking the same, and I have struggled to elevate my macro shooting to the next level. Macro should be bold yet delicate, and it should have flair to complement the intricate microscopic detail.

It’s also kind of technical. By definition, macro deals with minuscule distances, so camera shake can throw off the razor thin plane of focus; on average I take each shot five times to ensure I get it right (I still often don’t, haha). With so few elements in frame, angling for the proper background is half the battle, then choosing aperture for the amount of background blurring and how much subject to have in focus determines the composition and feel. Because of the reduction of effective aperture at close focusing distance, macro almost always demands direct sunlight.

Without further ado, I present the collection of (what I think are) the best among some 120 recent macro shots. I visited Pasadena’s Huntington Garden, the Goleta Butterfly Grove, Mission Santa Barbara Rose Garden, Alice Keck Memorial Garden, and my neighborhood. As always, click to view in theater mode. Enjoy!

some spikes  silken  Flower Missiles
butterfly  fern spores  140223-3768
little lamp  purple plant  bud row
sparkling fields  micro world  under the bonsai
Ant  Tiny Flower  Succulent Rainbow

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  1. #9 is my favorite! It really stands out and I like the blurry, clever mimicking of shape underneath the plant.

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