Central Park Photoshoot

Last week, my friends who lead Weill Cornell’s Arts Club asked me to lead a photography expedition to┬áCentral Park. Ostensibly, I was coaching my classmates, offering tips about composition, portraiture, and camera technique, but really…? I was too busy taking pictures of this man.

JA bench

You might think this stud is a professional model, but you’ll never guess who he actually is! That’s right, a medical student! A future doctor!

JA walk

Follow this one simple trick that will make your photos look amazing!! “If you want attractive photos, take your camera and point it at something/someone attractive!!!”

JA fountain

Aughh. Internet speak is tiring, but actually though. His natural sense of fashion and poise made my job so easy.

JA banister

I honestly thought I’d more or less shelve my camera for this year of med school. Instead, I’ve had the great fortune to document school group events, to commemorate class outings, or to help my classmates and friends take fresh new photos. This event turned out to be a combination of all three, and I was honored for my classmates and friends to come out with me for a fun day of shooting.

Now that so many of my photos feature people, I thought it was finally time to debut a new section to my portfolio. No studio, no flashes, or reflectors, no extra makeup. Just People.

But before you go, here he is one more time.

JA doorway