WTF America

America, who did you just elect president?

I’m shocked that Donald Trump was elected president, but simultaneously I acknowledge why I’m so taken aback. My news sources are all pretty liberal, especially the internet outlets run mostly by younger tech people. I’ve only lived in liberal cities in California, Massachusetts, and New York. >95% of my social circles voted for Clinton, and a good number of them were militantly pro-Hillary.

Yet here he is, incoming President Donald J. Trump. Incoming like a missile.

Like okay, fine, Hillary Clinton is a career politician who has some questionably shady episodes in her past. She’s made some careless mistakes with email management (who hasn’t). She seems to have this Machiavellian mastery of politics (not a bad thing). She might even lie sometimes. But from all that I’ve learned about her, she seems like a morally responsible human being who fights consistently for her beliefs. I don’t agree with everything that she stands for, but she’s fabulously qualified to represent and steer this country.

Still, I recognize that people can really hate Clinton, and that personal hate alone is grounds enough to refuse to vote for her. After all, that’s why I refused to vote for Trump.

Trump is a bad person! Indisputably. Plainly. Trump is openly misogynistic, racist, xenophobic, dishonest, condescending, etc. He contradicts himself constantly. He’s a vindictive sore loser, he doesn’t acknowledge or realize his own limits, and he has no idea how to run a country. He babbles in unjustified superlatives, untrue claims, and empty promises. He spews out strings of incoherent words with little substance and no sense buried under his salesman speak.

And now… he’s president. Now, he represents America. I’m baffled despondent. People around me range from hopeless to furious to frightened. Despite that, we shouldn’t be too surprised, given that polls have long shown he’s had the support of almost 50% of Americans. I’m checking my eyes for goggles tinted by prejudice because I want to see what half of my fellow citizens see in him, but I can’t shake this intense dislike of Trump. No matter how I look at him, he is morally deplorable.

I’m an American citizen raised as part of a conservative family built on a small business, so plenty of democratic policy taxes us heavily with only marginal returns. On the other hand, I’m a progressive millennial educated in America’s elite academia, and I stand behind plenty of democratic policy too. Also, as a son of Taiwanese immigrants, I was raised to distrust politicians and avoid politics like the plague (justified). Thus, my ballot was a mess, but I voted accordingly. That didn’t mean I was willing to vote for this ridiculous business mogul, though.

Yes, I know America seems like it’s hurting and needs a big change. It’s going to get it, as the Republican Party won many key seats in the Senate and House races, and they’ll get power of the judicial branch too. Folks, venerable Republican politicians who aren’t Trump, don’t screw this up for us too badly, okay? I trust you more than him. Start by making some good decisions regarding climate change, please?

My hope is that Trump will end up being a powerless puppet and the heinous figurehead of America for four years. Until then… hunker down, Americans.