National Aviary

While in Pittsburgh, my parents and I visited the National Aviary, a rather impressive indoor zoo dedicated to birds. There were several exhibits that you could just walk into an enclosure and be inches away from exotic birds. I really wanted to share some more shots. Click to view in theater mode.

hyacinth macaw striking the Dr. Evil pose
wattled curassow, which looks like he frequents the hair salon
flamingos, chilling on one leg.
a victoria crowned pigeon crazy-looking with its blood-red eyes.
that’s a mouse that this ibis (?) is killing.
kookaburras, sitting in a tree that might not be gum
scissor tailed flycatcher. it was so fast i couldn’t get a photo in flight
Stan the African penguin
extremely shrill lorikeets.
yeah i won’t ID this one
a burrowing owl.
1-day-old burrowing owl chick.
this guy. THIS GUY. forget the name though.
two-toed sloth. which is very clearly not a bird.