London Wedding

During the weekend of July 4th, my friends Rachel and Winston were married in London! This is a little ironic given that both the bride and groom are American as were almost all of their guests, but all the same.

In what I assume is the most classy British way possible, they were married in the church where the groom was baptized and had the reception in an old temple. 

check out that banquet hall

It was a gorgeous ceremony. It was somehow both grand and intimate at the same time.

the pastor was having the most fun

Like the nerds they are (which is a compliment), they danced their first dance to “Concerning Hobbits” from The Lord of the Rings soundtrack.

first dance!

I also helped the couple do an engagement photoshoot, and this scene reminded me of the “dance” we tried posing in Central Park. I think the genuine dance looks better. =)

engagement photoshoot in CP

Not to be outdone, the wedding guests got a pretty poppin’ dance floor started.

mosh pit around the bride’s mother

Congrats, Rachel and Winston! Be wonderful.