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Waking up in the Fog

I was gently roused at 7:30 this morning. I’ve been exhausted recently, still trying to recover physically and mentally from my recent epic 5-day journey to LA/Boston/NYC, so I wanted to sleep in. The light from the window was bright, but much softer than usual, which didn’t make sense, I thought to myself. Santa Barbara has been rather gloomy (which hasn’t helped me regain my energy), so why was it so bright just before sunrise? Then it dawned on me. Fog.

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The Pocket Doc insulin calculator of 1985

Recently, I recreated the original Pocket Doc insulin calculator created way back in 1985 by Dr. Jovanovič (who I work with), Dr. Peterson, and Chanoch. Part of my continuing study of diabetes and partly a programming exercise, it’s reminded me how truly remarkable the advancements in diabetes management have been in the last few decades. Continue reading The Pocket Doc insulin calculator of 1985

Merits of the CFOP speedcubing method

CFOP, aka. the Fridrich Method, is the wildly popular Rubik’s Cube solving method used by virtually all high- and mid-level speedcubers.  It gained popularity in the early 2000s because Jessica Fridrich’s website was the only thorough tutorial and algorithm library. Still, methods like Petrus, Roux, and ZZ have their merits too, so why has CFOP persisted? This article describes the numerous strengths of CFOP that most of us never pause to appreciate, especially the unique advantages that cement it as an accessible and effective speedcubing method.

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