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How to Train Your Rads AI

In DreamWorks’ 2010 animated fantasy film How to Train Your Dragon, Hiccup, the young un-viking-like viking prince protagonist, learns to cooperate with dragons through his compassion and engineering know-how. With his dragon Toothless by his side, Hiccup protects his village more than the traditional vikings before him could have ever imagined.

Now, I haven’t shot down my own artificial intelligence out of the sky, but I do have rudimentary cross-disciplinary know-how. Let me try to describe how we might unite computer science and radiology to usher in the future of automated radiology. Continue reading How to Train Your Rads AI

Can you always win 2048?

My intuition and experience tells me that, with optimal play, you can almost always — but not always — win 2048.

2048 is a wonderful puzzle game that I’ve spent far too much time playing (although probably not as much as what it’s based on, Threes.) 
I’ve never done real proofs in my life, but I know that to prove that you can always win, I need to prove that a malicious and omnipotent computer cannot defeat you.

I’ll assume you know how the game works. The rules that are most likely to end your game are: Continue reading Can you always win 2048?