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Wedding guest with a camera

This post was written in retrospectively in July 2017 about a wedding that happened in August 2013. One of my closest friends from high school was getting married, so I made a big drive from Santa Barbara where I was working up to the Bay Area where we’re from.

This was within a couple of months of me getting my camera and within a week of me getting my macro lens. Whoa. This probably explains my excess of shots of table ornaments and food.  Continue reading Wedding guest with a camera

Dashing through London

Thanks to studying for my Step 2 board exam in the middle of wedding season, I only scheduled myself 10 hours to explore London! 6 hours after landing the first day, and 4 hours the morning before the wedding ceremony.

I do seem to enjoy darting around excessively and unnecessarily before my friends’ weddings (I ran a quick half marathon before last September’s wedding), but the strangeness of this habit is not lost on me. How much can I really get to know a city if I’m mostly just moving around with my camera? And why did I choose to spend my valuable time abroad in such inauthentic fashion, working hard to misrepresent my trip through a few photos? Continue reading Dashing through London

Weddings and Lions

My best friend got married! I’ve known him since, what, kindergarten? Maybe little girls fantasize about their friends’ weddings, but certainly not us. While we were sitting in math class or doing school projects or playing Super Smash Bros or rehearsing music duets together or just growing up side by side, I truly never about what this day would look like.

But here we are, 26 years later. He’s standing in City Hall with his wife, and I’m there alongside their families bearing witness with my camera to their ceremony.
Continue reading Weddings and Lions

Finding the SFH Pianos

For three weeks, Sing For Hope has scattered 60 pianos painted by local artists all around the five boroughs of New York City. After today, they will be transported to their final homes: NYC public schools. 

I don’t know why I decided to challenge myself to visit as many of them as possible — especially during a pretty busy stretch in med school — but that’s what I did! Continue reading Finding the SFH Pianos