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Stress Threes

We all have our ways of coping with stress. For me, it’s inane puzzle games, and I just started a new one: Threes. It’s an iPhone game, but a friend’s friend also ported a browser clone. The game is elegant. You slide tiles around a 4×4 board and combine tiles by shoving them against walls. Combine 1 and 2, combine matching numbers to get bigger numbers. Every swipe spawns a new number and you go until you lock up the board. Continue reading Stress Threes

The Pocket Doc insulin calculator of 1985

Recently, I recreated the original Pocket Doc insulin calculator created way back in 1985 by Dr. Jovanovič (who I work with), Dr. Peterson, and Chanoch. Part of my continuing study of diabetes and partly a programming exercise, it’s reminded me how truly remarkable the advancements in diabetes management have been in the last few decades. Continue reading The Pocket Doc insulin calculator of 1985