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WTF America

America, who did you just elect president?

I’m shocked that Donald Trump was elected president, but simultaneously I acknowledge why I’m so taken aback. My news sources are all pretty liberal, especially the internet outlets run mostly by younger tech people. I’ve only lived in liberal cities in California, Massachusetts, and New York. >95% of my social circles voted for Clinton, and a good number of them were militantly pro-Hillary.

Yet here he is, incoming President Donald J. Trump. Incoming like a missile. Continue reading WTF America

Sports Spectating

I follow two sports: NBA basketball and pro Super Smash Bros Melee.

Growing up, I was blindly anti-sports. How people could get so invested in their region’s sports team, enough to spend hundreds of dollars for seats and enough riot when they lose and parade when they win? It’s just a sport! You idolize men who spend their livelihoods throwing a bouncy spherical thing through an elevated hoop! Continue reading Sports Spectating

Mock Magic Personal Statement

Preface: while reading my friend’s personal statement about gaming, I thought back to applying to college 8 years ago and thinking about writing an essay about playing Magic the Gathering. I decided against it because gaming still has this weird stigma of being a fringe hobby and a waste of time, but back in January 2016, when solidly 25, I wrote a personal statement as if I were still 17. Continue reading Mock Magic Personal Statement

The Life of a Photon

Chapter 1 – Chaos

Our hero’s tale begins with fusion. A collision between two atoms. An explosion. An event so violent that when the atoms meet, they converge and spew forth a fanfare of energy. This energy swirls around wildly before it begins to divide and coalesce into quanta. Each quantum is simultaneously both unique and identical to every other, and from one of them, our hero is created. A photon. Continue reading The Life of a Photon

How to win Set

To find sets in Set,

  • use your naturally powerful visual pattern recognition to scan the board holistically
  • If one feature is very common, systematically analyze only that subset
  • continue analysis when sets are being removed and cards are being dealt
  • anticipate useful cards or categories before they are dealt
  • analyze new boards starting from fresh cards
  • develop a method for finding difficult sets on nearly deadlocked boards

Continue reading How to win Set