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On Half Marathons and Ghosts #2

There are ghosts in Mario Kart. In Time Trial mode, where you race for personal best times on an empty track, a faint translucent ghost of your kart appears alongside you, echoing your previous best run. If you’re driving on pace with your ghost, the two of you, avatar and apparition, will weave down the track alongside each other. Navigate a tricky turn more smoothly than before and you dart ahead, but make a blunder and your ghost will glide off mercilessly into the distance. Compared to what Mario Kart is typically – a mass of 12 racers, bananas littered all over, and freaking blue shells – there’s a pure simplicity in driving alone on an empty track against your ghost. There’s no one to race but yourself. Continue reading On Half Marathons and Ghosts #2

April Adventures and Questionable Decisions

Big news: I’ve accepted my spot at Weill Cornell Medical College, so unless some waitlist shenanigans happen, I’m headed there in August! Wooooo!!!

By the way, Cornell’s in Manhattan itself, Upper East Side, not in Ithaca. Back in April, I attended Cornell’s accepted student weekend and then bused over to Boston to visit friends. And boy, was it a weird trip, filled with some pretty fantastic adventures and some pretty questionable decisions. Continue reading April Adventures and Questionable Decisions

Boston: the photos I didn’t take

We all use our cameras in different ways. Do you take group shots with your friends using your iPhone? Are you an Instagrammer who takes photos of things you buy, the clothes you wear, and random sunsets with random filters? Perhaps you’re an Asian who takes pictures of your food? A globetrotter who takes photos to remember where you’ve been? A selfie fanatic? I am none of these, and I wasn’t conscious about how strangely I used my camera until now. Continue reading Boston: the photos I didn’t take