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The Coldplay Spectacle

It’s a moment I’ll remember forever.

I’m sitting in a stadium full of 60,000 Coldplay fans, the chilly and dark atmosphere tense with anticipation. In fades the ambient intro to “A Head Full of Dreams,” and sea of wristbands awaken unexpectedly and bathe the crowd in a warm red glow. Cheers echo across as Will Champion’s beats and Guy Berryman’s bass line begin, and Jonny Buckland’s guitar riff enters. The spotlight illuminates Coldplay onstage, rainbow fireworks explode, and Chris Martin dances forward spinning merrily and crooning “oh, I think I’ve landed / in a world I hadn’t seen!

I’ve liked Coldplay for a while now, but I rarely attend (non-classical) concerts, so when one of my best friends scored Coldplay tickets for Saturday, we fulfilled a longtime dream: Coldplay, live.

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Coldplay growing up

Coldplay is changing. With their sixth studio album Ghost Stories on the brink of release, Coldplay have been releasing singles showcasing how much their sound has matured. There’s clean, classic Coldplay in “Magic“, something that sounds like a crossover with Bon Iver’s atmospheric autotune sound in “Midnight“, and a straight-up electronic dance track “A Sky Full of Stars“. Continue reading Coldplay growing up