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Diabetes Details

I dread Type 2 diabetes as a disease entity. It is the most rampant, urgent, yet insidious epidemic of our age. It’s frustrating how straightforward the preventive medical intervention is (don’t eat shitty), but a good diet is low many people’s priorities and taste buds. The disease develops so slowly and silently that the general population too often dismisses its distant consequences, but the medical community is witnessing the deluge of diabetes firsthand. Continue reading Diabetes Details

The Pocket Doc insulin calculator of 1985

Recently, I recreated the original Pocket Doc insulin calculator created way back in 1985 by Dr. Jovanovič (who I work with), Dr. Peterson, and Chanoch. Part of my continuing study of diabetes and partly a programming exercise, it’s reminded me how truly remarkable the advancements in diabetes management have been in the last few decades. Continue reading The Pocket Doc insulin calculator of 1985