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Diabetes Details

I dread Type 2 diabetes as a disease entity. It is the most rampant, urgent, yet insidious epidemic of our age. It’s frustrating how straightforward the preventive medical intervention is (don’t eat shitty), but a good diet is low many people’s priorities and taste buds. The disease develops so slowly and silently that the general population too often dismisses its distant consequences, but the medical community is witnessing the deluge of diabetes firsthand. Continue reading Diabetes Details

Not Treating Dementia

Of all the diseases, I am most terrified of dementia. Senile dementia is a gradual deterioration of memory, movement, and other mental capacities. It’s extremely common (especially Alzheimer’s the most prevalent etiology). It steals the very essence of your mind. Unfortunately, with no known palliation or treatment, the disease is relentless. I’ve read about the condition, but on Friday I had my first close encounter with dementia in the healthcare setting: Mrs. A, a kind 88-year-old black lady living in the city with end-stage dementia. Continue reading Not Treating Dementia

GERD is hungry

Today in the OR, I had a crummy revelation. As you might know, I have GERD (aka reflux, aka heartburn). It’s been developing for years, but I was officially diagnosed in December; since then, I’ve been treating it diligently with medication and avoiding things like eating too late, eating before exercise, or eating spicy or drinking hot foods. It’s been going well, but I just learned that my GERD has a new enemy now: hunger. Continue reading GERD is hungry