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The Life of a Photon

Chapter 1 – Chaos

Our hero’s tale begins with fusion. A collision between two atoms. An explosion. An event so violent that when the atoms meet, they converge and spew forth a fanfare of energy. This energy swirls around wildly before it begins to divide and coalesce into quanta. Each quantum is simultaneously both unique and identical to every other, and from one of them, our hero is created. A photon. Continue reading The Life of a Photon

Boston: the photos I didn’t take

We all use our cameras in different ways. Do you take group shots with your friends using your iPhone? Are you an Instagrammer who takes photos of things you buy, the clothes you wear, and random sunsets with random filters? Perhaps you’re an Asian who takes pictures of your food? A globetrotter who takes photos to remember where you’ve been? A selfie fanatic? I am none of these, and I wasn’t conscious about how strangely I used my camera until now. Continue reading Boston: the photos I didn’t take

A photographic journey

One year ago, I was not a visual person. When I walked, I stared at my feet and let my vision drift out of focus. When I talked, I didn’t even think to hold eye contact. Therefore, when I obtained my humble-point-and-shoot camera as a graduation gift, I realized that I had wasted four years in Boston hardly appreciating my surroundings. I vowed to take a picture a day for a year to see if it could open my eyes. Continue reading A photographic journey