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Winter Run – a short story

It was winter’s first bitingly cold morning. Even the taxis and black cars, whining and spewing out dense clouds of smog from their tailpipes, seemed as if they wanted to hide inside. The frosted streets of Manhattan were devoid of other pedestrians, and so he ran aggressively, pumping his legs harder and faster than he should have, hoping to make his body heat itself. With every short and shallow breath, his mouth shot out plumes of steam that whorled his wake. Continue reading Winter Run – a short story

The Life of a Photon

Chapter 1 – Chaos

Our hero’s tale begins with fusion. A collision between two atoms. An explosion. An event so violent that when the atoms meet, they converge and spew forth a fanfare of energy. This energy swirls around wildly before it begins to divide and coalesce into quanta. Each quantum is simultaneously both unique and identical to every other, and from one of them, our hero is created. A photon. Continue reading The Life of a Photon