Happy New Year! Woo, roosters!

Appropriately, we made chicken cabbage dumplings. Also, pork and chive potstickers. Flashback to my Harvard Taiwanese Cultural Society days and our Dumpling Workshops, where we would buy huge bags pork and other ingredients, mix it with our hands, teach 100+ people how to wrap 1000+ dumplings, boil in three vats of water, and just have a great big happy family.

left bowl experimenting with alternate wrapping shapes
  • combine 1 lb ground meat, like 1oz chives, tiny bit of minced ginger and scallions, a splash of soy sauce, some cooking wine, dash of sesame oil.
  • with friends, wrap around 40 dumplings.
  • in a big wok with some oil, steam off a thin layer of water, then fry two surfaces.

Sorry, there’s no way to write an intelligible terse recipe, haha