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Mock Magic Personal Statement

Preface: while reading my friend’s personal statement about gaming, I thought back to applying to college 8 years ago and thinking about writing an essay about playing Magic the Gathering. I decided against it because gaming still has this weird stigma of being a fringe hobby and a waste of time, but back in January 2016, when solidly 25, I wrote a personal statement as if I were still 17. Continue reading Mock Magic Personal Statement

Magical to Medicinal Memory

“Quick, somebody help!!” A man rushes out of a room and looks about the hospital hallway in a panic. He spots me standing there in my white coat and races toward me. “She’s having trouble breathing! Please, come do something!”

After relaying the message, I hurry into the room to see if I can help. There she is, a woman is lying there on the bed, barely conscious. Her heart is racing, and she is so short of breath that she couldn’t get any words out even if she wanted to.

The panicked man glances back and forth between her, lying there helpless, and me, standing there unhelpfully. “She just came in for some heart problems! Why can’t she breathe?”

I glance around while my mind races to connect the dots. The pulse is 133. Tachycardia. The EKG looks a little funny, irregularly irregular. Atrial fibrillation. Oxygen saturation: 91%. Hypoxemia. I bring stethoscope straight to the mid-sternal line listen. “Heart failure,” I say. “Her heart is struggling to pump, so blood pressure is starting to back up into her lungs, causing fluid to leak into the airspace.”

He looks at me, apparently confused by the lingo. “Well, can’t you give her some drugs to help?”

The question catches me off guard, and my heart skips. What can I give her? Continue reading Magical to Medicinal Memory