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18 weeks of practice

It’s the beginning of my fourth year of med school and I just finished my four-week sub-internship rotation in Internal Medicine. The rest of the year is filled with mostly research, random electives, applications, interviews, and unscheduled time. Thus, I’ve had an uncomfortable realization: this is it. This is essentially as mature as my medical understanding will be before I get “MD” stamped behind my name in June. Continue reading 18 weeks of practice

Embracing the Kitchen

A few days ago, eight weeks into my cooking project, I found a package of sliced cheese tucked under the vegetable crisper. It was rather moldy. I chuckled a bit before chucking it.

I used to buy that cheese every two weeks. It went in the same sandwich that I made every day to bring to the hospital. In the sandwich also went versatile ingredients like tomatoes, mushrooms, and spinach; they were things I could throw into random entrees to cover dinner. I cooked regularly before 2017; in fact, I got by all of third year only buying cafeteria food but once (a chicken wrap in Queens; it was meh). However, priorities were minimal thinking time, flexible utility, and financial efficiency. For four years, my food — including that sandwich — were boring.

I haven’t needed that cheese for eight weeks. Continue reading Embracing the Kitchen

On Half Marathons and Ghosts #2

There are ghosts in Mario Kart. In Time Trial mode, where you race for personal best times on an empty track, a faint translucent ghost of your kart appears alongside you, echoing your previous best run. If you’re driving on pace with your ghost, the two of you, avatar and apparition, will weave down the track alongside each other. Navigate a tricky turn more smoothly than before and you dart ahead, but make a blunder and your ghost will glide off mercilessly into the distance. Compared to what Mario Kart is typically – a mass of 12 racers, bananas littered all over, and freaking blue shells – there’s a pure simplicity in driving alone on an empty track against your ghost. There’s no one to race but yourself. Continue reading On Half Marathons and Ghosts #2

One Vote of Confidence

This weekend is Cornell’s Accepted Students Weekend, when we invite in all the students who earned our school’s stamp of approval and try to convince them to choose Cornell. We bribe them with lavish food, enthusiastic current students touting their extracurriculars (hi), and NYC excursions such comedy clubs and museums and bars. They also get to meet their fellow prospective students and decide if they are people they can befriend for the next four years. It’s a wonderful two-day ordeal. Continue reading One Vote of Confidence