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Dashing through London

Thanks to studying for my Step 2 board exam in the middle of wedding season, I only scheduled myself 10 hours to explore London! 6 hours after landing the first day, and 4 hours the morning before the wedding ceremony.

I do seem to enjoy darting around excessively and unnecessarily before my friends’ weddings (I ran a quick half marathon before last September’s wedding), but the strangeness of this habit is not lost on me. How much can I really get to know a city if I’m mostly just moving around with my camera? And why did I choose to spend my valuable time abroad in such inauthentic fashion, working hard to misrepresent my trip through a few photos? Continue reading Dashing through London

Winter Run – a short story

It was winter’s first bitingly cold morning. Even the taxis and black cars, whining and spewing out dense clouds of smog from their tailpipes, seemed as if they wanted to hide inside. The frosted streets of Manhattan were devoid of other pedestrians, and so he ran aggressively, pumping his legs harder and faster than he should have, hoping to make his body heat itself. With every short and shallow breath, his mouth shot out plumes of steam that whorled his wake. Continue reading Winter Run – a short story