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Macro Study: Blossoms post-rain

I know that I’ve done plenty of macro photoshoot blog posts in the past (fuzzy plantsearly spring, chrysanthemums, blossoms), but I can’t help doing yet another one. With wonky weather, some cherry blossoms in Central Park and decided to bloom a little early. And then New York decided to dump a sudden rainstorm. And then the clouds cleared right before sunset! Sakura + post-rain sunset = rare opportunity. Continue reading Macro Study: Blossoms post-rain

On Half Marathons and Ghosts #2

There are ghosts in Mario Kart. In Time Trial mode, where you race for personal best times on an empty track, a faint translucent ghost of your kart appears alongside you, echoing your previous best run. If you’re driving on pace with your ghost, the two of you, avatar and apparition, will weave down the track alongside each other. Navigate a tricky turn more smoothly than before and you dart ahead, but make a blunder and your ghost will glide off mercilessly into the distance. Compared to what Mario Kart is typically – a mass of 12 racers, bananas littered all over, and freaking blue shells – there’s a pure simplicity in driving alone on an empty track against your ghost. There’s no one to race but yourself. Continue reading On Half Marathons and Ghosts #2

The Treacherous Traverse

Hiking things that are difficult:

  • Completing miles 11-12 of a long hike
  • Carrying a 20- or 30-lb backpack
  • Teetering on jagged edges of unstable rocks
  • Downclimbing a steep rockslide, -2000 ft over 1 mile
  • Finding trail markings in dense night fog with <10 ft visibility

Hiking that is downright treacherous: Doing all of those things simultaneously. Continue reading The Treacherous Traverse